Send a Star

Whilst we’re in Lockdown, there are so many people we can’t see. Schools, offices, restaurants and shops are closed. We’re missing our friends, our families, our teachers and our colleagues. We decided to ‘Send a star’ to some of the people who we miss the most and who make the biggest difference to our days.

Join in! Simply think of someone you know who you’d like to send a star to. Draw an outline of a star and then fill it in with a picture or a pattern. Make it as beautiful and bright as you can. Above it write, ‘I’m sending you a star…’, and then below it write the reason. This can be anything. Perhaps you know someone who has helped you, or someone who’s been kind to you, or someone who simply needs cheering up.

Now send your star either by posting it or emailing it.

If you’d like your star to be part of the Treefrog Art online ‘Send a Star’ gallery, take a picture of it before you send it, and email it to Help us reach 100 stars!!