Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…

Join in with our new online drawing event, and give yourself the chance to win a Treefrog Art Bag! After the amazing success of 100 Frogs, we’re inviting you to play a timeless drawing game, which is one of my favourites because it always raises a smile!

All you need is yourself, at least one other person, (or your whole family), a piece of paper per person and a selection of coloured pens.

To get started, each of you needs to draw a head in the top third of your paper. It could be a monkey, a monster, a duck, a self portrait…. anything goes! But DON”T let anyone else see what you’re drawing. When you’ve finished, draw a neck and fold your paper over so that the head is hidden but the neck shows. When everyone is ready, you all need to pass your drawing to the person on your left, meaning everyone will have someone else’s drawing in front of them.

Now, keeping the paper folded, add shoulders and a body to the drawing. Again, you can draw anything; a hippo, a robot, a ballerina…. Keep your drawing hidden and once you’ve finished, fold the paper over leaving just the beginnings of legs visible.

Pass your drawing to your left and, once you have a new drawing in front of you, add some legs to the picture. Any legs you like!

Pass your drawing one last time, and open up the new drawing you’re given to reveal a finished masterpiece!

Once you’ve played the game, take a photo of your drawings and send them to Treefrog Art HQ by emailing vickiostersen@gmail.com or on FB Treefrog Art. All drawings received by 1st July 2020 will be presented to our panel of experts for a chance to win a Treefrog Art Bag of choice!